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Megger Test to check insulation

February 13th, 2012

A megger test is done to verify and check devices or wires insulation factor. This is to confirm and ensure that no short circuit should happen or take place because of or by the reason of insulation of the wire or device. A megger test is done in order to check that there is no seepage to ground. If a megger test fails then short circuit take place between the wires or may be in the ground wire that is being tested. Before the equipment is kept back to continue the work we should take care to repair the short circuit first.

Megger Test Equipments

There are many megger test equipments. These megger testers are used to perform insulation testing, high potential testing, ground testing, low resistance testing in devices, components or machinery of infrastructures like factories, other business buildings and government building. In short the megger test is required and to carry on with it you need megger test equipments to do all type of electric testing. The wide range of megger test equipments include earth testers, ac high voltage test sets, insulation and continuity tester, dc high voltage test sets, multifunction tester, karl fisher test sets, loop/RCD testers. Megger test provides us with lot of advantages on the new models of the megger testers. The latest models provide us with extra safety while testing a voltage level of large amount. It has many options and alternatives to increase the lifespan of the battery decreasing the stability range. Still if at any point you have confusion or any problem arises it is always better to give a call to a licensed electrician to take his advice and suggestion.

Megger Test

How is Megger Test done?

Megger test is non destructive. The whole procedure of megger test is that first the Direct Currect that is DC voltage is applied on the zigzag wires or the device which is under test. Megger test is actually an insulation test which is done to check while applying the normal power whether lagging has been failed or injured in any case to be the origin of short circuit. Megger test is non destructive till the time you use the tester properly after reading each instructions mentioned about how to use it. In order to keep the devices save and not to damage the testing device it is very important to apply the proper voltage. 300 should be the range for the voltages working up to 240 volts. Similarly for 600 volts we should use 750 volt range. And use 1000 volt range for the voltages working above 600 volts. If you use the wrong range of volt on a device then just by testing only you can damage the insulation. For example if a device is working on 24 volts and you use the range of 1000 volt on it then for sure it will get damage. So be very carefully while doing the megger test and do it according to the instructions given.